VOYOR-HEALTH Shiatsu Back Neck and Shoulder Massager with Soothing Heat PJ200
VOYOR-HEALTH Shiatsu Back Neck and Shoulder Massager with Soothing Heat PJ200
VOYOR-HEALTH Shiatsu Back Neck and Shoulder Massager with Soothing Heat PJ200
VOYOR-HEALTH Shiatsu Back Neck and Shoulder Massager with Soothing Heat PJ200
VOYOR-HEALTH Shiatsu Back Neck and Shoulder Massager with Soothing Heat PJ200
VOYOR-HEALTH Shiatsu Back Neck and Shoulder Massager with Soothing Heat PJ200
VOYOR-HEALTH Shiatsu Back Neck and Shoulder Massager with Soothing Heat PJ200

VOYOR-HEALTH Shiatsu Back Neck and Shoulder Massager with Soothing Heat PJ200

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Experience the joy of a truly professional hand massage! Our deep kneading massager uses 8 deep tissue acupressure massage nodes, which imitate the movements of professional hand massage and rotate along tight muscles to effectively relieve muscle soreness and eliminate physical fatigue.
Choose our massager now and bring comfort and relaxation to your body and mind. Whether for yourself or as a gift to relatives and friends, it is a thoughtful gift. Buy now and enjoy a relaxing massage experience!
Simulated Shiatsu Massage
Deep tissue massage nodes
8 kneading nodes simulate the real hand kneading action to deeply relieve tired and sore muscles.Optional Heat Function
Red light thermostatic heating system
Red light heating massage, improve blood circulation and sleep quality.
High Quality Breathable Fabric
Comfortable and breathable mesh design
Excellent material, durable, easy to clean, and has good heat dissipation.
Relieve Body Fatigue
For your best comfort anywhere and anytime
Suitable for sedentary staff, elderly, long-distance drivers, and post-exercising relaxation.
For Any Part of the Body
Ergonomic design perfectly fits the body curve
Suitable to use on any body part you desire including the neck, shoulder, back, and leg.

Product details:          

Deep Kneading Massage

8 deep tissue shiatsu kneading nodes imitate real professional hand massage and rotate along the tight muscles, which effectively alleviates muscle soreness, and eliminates body fatigue. Bring relaxation and relief to your neck, shoulder, back, waist, and leg.

Ease to Use

One simple press of the power button to start real comfort and relief. Easy and clear control panel for you to adjust the neck and shoulder massager to the most comfortable mode. The three-layer breathable mesh and soft fabric cover efficiently disperse heat and reduce friction between your skin and the material.

Ideal Gift

A neck massager with heat will always be a perfect thoughtful gift for families or friends. Especially for the elderly and those who suffer from problems like muscle pain and stiffness. Comes with a home power adapter and a car adapter, it's great for home, office, car, and self-driving tour use.

360° Bi-Directional Rotation

Two directional control, simulating a real human massage, auto-reverse every minute for a more distributed massage effect.

3 Intensity Levels

Adjust the rotating speed according to your condition, and find the intensity that works best for you.

15-Minutes Auto Shut-off

Built-in intelligent timing function with overheating protection to provide the safest and healthiest massage.

Low Noise & Non-Disturbing 

Using professional physical noise reduction technology to give you an absolutely quiet massage environment.


Model: PJ200
Material: ABS
Working voltage: 110V (US) / 220V – 240V(UK&EU)
Working power: 24 W
Product size: 40X17X20 cm
Product weight: 1.35 kg

    Package Content:

    • 1 x VOYOR-HEALTH neck and shoulder massager
    • 1 x Home adapter
    • 1 x Car adapter
    • 1 x User manual
    4D Deep Kneading Massage Nodes
    8 Deep kneading rotating shiatsu massage rollers effectively relieve pain and muscle tension.
    Powerful Motor
    Select a high-quality powerful motor, with high output, high efficiency, and a safety mechanism.
    Foldable Straps
    The armrest design long straps can flexibly adjust the massage position and strength.
    Easy Control Panel
    The keys' positions are clear, and one button for one function. Easily operate even for the elderly.
    Durable & Well Material
    The high-quality fabric and a breathable mesh can efficiently disperse heat and reduce friction between your skin and the material.
    Power Cable Interface
    Equipped with 2 adaptors for home & car use, relax your body muscle anywhere and anytime.

    Provide blissful relaxation whenever you need it

    The indispensable car travel companion 

    Giving you a comfortable massage experience all the time even on the go, or you don't feel muscle fatigue after a long drive.

    Feeling refreshed in a relieving home massage

    Recovery happens where you are most comfortable. Deeply dig into any tight parts of your body, and enjoy a restful self-massage at home!

    The perfect partner for sedentary office workers 

    Fixed the shoulder massager to your office chair to save your tired body and make you more productive while working.

    Warm Tips

    1. If the nodes are too hard for you, don't put too much pressure on them, or place a thin cloth between your body and the massager.
    2. It's not recommended to lie down while using the massager.

    Best gift for families and friends 

    A shoulder and neck massager that delivers an ultimate comfortable massage experience and enjoyment will always make for a thoughtful gift choice.


    Product Warranty-All products purchased from VOYOR come with 2 years warranty.
    Unconditional return-You can enjoy a 30-day no question asked return policy after purchasing from our store. Please send us an email at support@voyor.com before returning the product, we will offer you the relevant return information.
    Q: How to use this shiatsu neck and back massager?
    A: Please read the manual before use. Plug in the power supply, connect the device to the adapter, then press the power button to start the massage. Adjust the intensities, direction, and turn on/off the heating function according to your needs.

    Q: How often should you use the neck and back massager?
    A: The massage time can be customized according to your needs. This shiatsu massager also has a 15-minute automatic shut-off function to provide you with a safe massage experience. You can restart the massager if you want to continue using it.

    Q: Will it rub against the skin? How to make the experience better?
    A: No! This machine is specially designed for deep massage, people who are not used to it may feel a little pain, so it is recommended to put a thin cloth between the massager and your body for a better massage experience.

    Q: Is this neck and back massager works well in an office chair?
    A: Yes, it works well around the neck, back, shoulder, and waist in a sitting position, it's very quiet when massaging, so it's perfect for using it in the office.

    Q: Is this neck and back massager means to feel hot or just warm?
    A: It is soothing heat that gives a nice warm feeling, and effectively relieves physical fatigue and promotes blood circulation. After turning on the heating function, the massager will gradually heat up.

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