Blackhead Remover

Is there anything more annoying than finding blackheads issue is stubborn for you? You may always stand in front of the mirror and be worried about your face, checking the pores carefully now and then. However, take it easy. If you care about this issue, please believe that there are some ways to deal with it.



Please have a close look at this product, which is customized to remove the blackheads, grease and acne with powerful suction.

Its main features:

  1. Adopts the lastest vacuum adsorption technology, it deeply removes blackheads and grease with 64 Kpa powerful suction, also minimizes pores.




  1. Provide 6 suction heads to satisfy your cleansing needs, including large circular hole head, small circular hole head, curved hole head, oval hole head, silicone head and microcrystalline head.  
  2. 3 adjustable strength levels. You can adjust the most appropriate suction levels for your skin. Also it can deeply purify oily skin and protect sensitive skin.




As long as you keep using it, it will take effect and bring you brightened skin. Have you been moved? If you want to know more, please come and leave me a message.

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