VOYOR-HEALTH Shiatsu Neck Back Massage Pillow with Heat YZ200
VOYOR-HEALTH Shiatsu Neck Back Massage Pillow with Heat YZ200
VOYOR-HEALTH Shiatsu Neck Back Massage Pillow with Heat YZ200
VOYOR-HEALTH Shiatsu Neck Back Massage Pillow with Heat YZ200
VOYOR-HEALTH Shiatsu Neck Back Massage Pillow with Heat YZ200
VOYOR-HEALTH Shiatsu Neck Back Massage Pillow with Heat YZ200
VOYOR-HEALTH Shiatsu Neck Back Massage Pillow with Heat YZ200

VOYOR-HEALTH Shiatsu Neck Back Massage Pillow with Heat YZ200

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In the busy city life, we are often wrapped up in the hectic pace of work, and neck and shoulder pain seems to have become the standard for modern people. At this time, you may need VOYOR-HEALTH's shoulder and neck massage pillow!
This massage pillow simulates the kneading action of a real person through 6 massage nodes, allowing you to accurately reach the painful areas, quickly and effectively stimulate the muscles and nerves, relieving muscle aches and pains, and increasing vitality and energy. It also features a three-speed adjustment function that allows you to adjust the massage intensity according to your personal preference and needs.
The massage pillow is equipped with an advanced relaxation heating system that transfers heat to the muscles and penetrates into the skin tissue, relieving body pressure and promoting blood circulation
Choose our Smart Neck and Shoulder Massage Pillow to make every massage a physical and mental journey, releasing stress, regaining vitality, and welcoming every new day full of sunshine.
Bidirectional Rotation
Relieve muscle pain
Two-direction control simulates real human body massage to ensure precise touch on your pain points.
Adjustable Speed
3 Adjustable speeds of low, medium and fast
The neck massager has 3 speed intensity levels to give you the massage you want.
Ergonomic Design
Stylish W-shaped design
Perfectly fits your body curves, suitable for any body part.
In-Car Massage
Massage on the go
Equipped with a car adapter ensure you enjoy a relaxing massage after a long drive.
High Quality Fabric
Upgraded materials are more comfortable
Skin-friendly, odourless, abrasion-resistant and pressure-resistant, with a long service life.

Product details:          

One-Button Switch

One button to quickly turn on the device, easily operate even for the elderly.

Warmth Under Control

The massager has a unique heating function, and you can turn off the heating mode at any time according to your personal needs.

Low Noise

Less than 40 decibels of sound brings you a quiet experience, focusing on the relaxation brought by massage.

15 Minutes Smart Shutdown

The automatic switch-off function ensures your safety when in use and better protects the life of the unit.


Product name: VOYOR-HEALTH Multi-functional massager pillow
Model: YZ200
Material: ABS
Working voltage: 12V
Working power: 24 W
Product size: 32*11*20.5 cm
Product weight: 1.35 kg

    Package Content:

    • 1 x VOYOR-HEALTH multi-functional massager pillow 
    • 1 x Home adapter 
    • 1 x Car adapter
    • 1 x User manual
    One Button Start
    Start the device with one click and turn on the constant temperature heating system.
    Adjustable Speed Switch
    3 speeds of low, medium and fast rotation, customized your massage.
    3D Deep Kneading Shiatsu Massage Nodes
    6 deep kneading rotating acupressure massage nodes effectively relieve muscle pain.
    High Quality Fabric
    High-quality fabrics effectively dissipate heat and reduce friction between skin and material.
    Breathable And Moisture-Proof Mesh
    Upgraded double-layer mesh for maximum breathability and reinforcement.

    Find out more for better massage effects

    An exquisite & practical gift

    A beautiful and practical multi-functional massage pillow will always make for a thoughtful gift choice.

    Free your hands and enjoy a comfortable massage

    The adjustable strap holds the massager in place, allowing you to enjoy the caress of your personal masseuse and enjoy moments of tranquility.

    3 Massage intensities for different needs

    Whether you are a driver,an office worker, a housewife, or an elderly, our massage pillow can provide you with just the right level of comfort. 

    Applicable to multiple scenes

    Our massager is designed to be compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry and use. Whether at home, in the office, in the car or while traveling, you can enjoy a massage anytime.

    Guidance for operation:

    Easy to start and choose the suitable intensity to enjoy the massage SPA within a scientific time.


    Product Warranty-All products purchased from VOYOR come with 2 years warranty.
    Unconditional return-You can enjoy a 30-day no question asked return policy after purchasing from our store. Please send us an email at support@voyor.com before returning the product, we will offer you the relevant return information.
    Q: How to use this back massager for back pain? How long should I use each time?
    A: Please read the manual before use, then plugged in the massager & one button to turn on. You can test the strength on your arm first. Release muscle pressure by 3D nodes deep kneading. With 15-minute intelligent turn-off to ensure use it safely.

    Q: I work at home and in the office, is there anyway I can attach the massager to my chair?
    A: Sure! This massager has adjustable shoulder straps on the back, wrap the strap around the back of the chair, then you can enjoy a hands-free massage at work or relax during a long drive.

    Q: Will it massage all parts of my body and conform to my skin?
    A: Yes. This shiatsu massager with a special W-shaped , ergonomically designed to target each of our tissues, perfectly conforming to the curves of our body, so as to completely release muscle pressure.

    Q: Will using a massage pillow harm your skin?
    A: No, you can enjoy a comfortable experience by using according to the correct requirements. If you feel a little pain when you are not used to it at first, it is recommended to put a towel between the massager and your body for a better experience.

    Q: Is the product wired or wireless?
    A: This electric massager needs to be plugged in for use. It has a home adapter and a car adapter.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long is the product's warranty? The product is broken, can it be replaced?
    The warranty for VOYOR products is two years. If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact us.
    We will do our best to help you solve the problem. Please click here, and be sure to attach the order number so that we can help you better deal with the problem. Thank you.
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    How to return the products? Is there a refund?
    We will refund no-asking within 30 days. If there is any dissatisfaction with the product, please contact us in time and we will tell you the address where the product can be returned and related refund matters.
    For detailed return policy, please click here.

    How long will it take to receive the products after placing the order?
    When your order is completed, we will deliver the products for you within 24H, if there are no special circumstances. If there is, we will contact you in advance. We will arrange delivery according to your geographic location, and you will receive the products within 3-7 business days.
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